2018 - 4 Square KCSCP Show, Trap Gallery, Group Exhibit

2017 - 4 Square KCSCP Show, 2016 Main Gallery, Group Exhibit

2017 - Sense of PlaceAlbrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, Group Exhibit

2017 - Lost Lands, Night Blooms Darkroom, Bookstore, and Coffee, Solo Exhibit

2016 - Passing Me By: Snapshots of Northeast 1996-2016The Kansas City Museum, Solo Exhibit 

2016 - 4 Square KCSCP Show, Kansas City Artists Coalition Underground Gallery, Group Exhibit 

2002 - Life in Black & WhiteKansas City Public Library, Solo Exhibit


2018 Insta Gramar Cars, Lannoo Publishing 


New KC Museum exhibit offers snapshots of the NortheastThe Northeast News

Public darkroom Night Blooms to host photography show of forgotten Kansas City, The Kansas City Star 

Lost Lands, Fourteen76

Instagram Selection #130, Fisheye Magazine